Who am i and where am i coming from #PtcPat Showing you how to find your FIRE!!!

Heey my fellow money makers!!
I want to thank you for viewing this course.
I will give a small introduction about who i am and where i am coming from.
Also i will motivate you like crazy!!
How am i going to do that you wonder?

Well get ready for my story and you will understand that i am nothing special and everybody can do this if they put their mind to it.

I am #PtcPat from the Netherlands and 1 of the course writers of this amazing E-learning platform.
3+ years ago i came to the city of Haarlem with nothing but the clothes i had on.
After experiencing a lot of negativity by my former life choices i decided i wanted to change my ways.
I left the area where i was living and went to the big city as i knew there was a homeless shelter there and i asked for a place to stay. ( I never been more afraid or ashamed as i had to admit i needed help and i was not feeling like a winner in that moment )

I spoke with them and i got the message that the homeless shelter was full for the night and i would be put on the list…. ( Oooow my God after the terrors of taking that first step )
Then i decided not to give up as i have that warrior mentality and i slept under a bridge close by to protect myself from the rain and to be there early in the morning again.

When walking back to the homeless shelter i met a guy with a trift shop ( second hand store)
I got some fresh clothes and a volunteer job as step 1 to getting out of trouble was to get yourself a goal in life and surround yourself with people who are there where you want to be.

The next day i came back told them my story and that i was looking for a way to change my ways.
I showed them that i was really motivated to get out of the shit i had created over the years and that i just needed a chance.

A lot has happened since then!
I have been working online for 2.5 years now where it has been 1 crazy ride.
Where i can give you this message from the heart!!

Be carefull who you follow i wasted my first 18 months working online brainwashed by what i thought where great leaders who where training me with the best intentions…
The main reason we have created the E-learning platform is really simple.


I am #PtcPat from the Netherlands and i will guide you trough on how to grow a lot as a person and a marketeer.

This is the first time i am writing a course in my life so bear with me.

Well i had updated with 6 chapters a FAQ and a quiz but my work has dissapeared.....Tried to upload what i had saved but %50 is gone.Hope it comes back..

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Who am i and where am i coming from #PtcPat Showing you how to find your FIRE!!!
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