Who am i and where am i coming from #PtcPat Showing you how to find your FIRE!!!

Heey my fellow money makers!!
I want to thank you for viewing this course.
I will give a small introduction about who i am and where i am coming from.
Also i will motivate you like crazy!!
How am i going to do that you wonder?

Well get ready for my story and you will understand that i am nothing special and everybody can do this if they put their mind to it.

I am #PtcPat from the Netherlands and 1 of the course writers of this amazing E-learning platform.
3+ years ago i came to the city of Haarlem with nothing but the clothes i had on.
After experiencing a lot of negativity by my former life choices i decided i wanted to change my ways.
I left the area where i was living and went to the big city as i knew there was a homeless shelter there and i asked for a place to stay. ( I never been more afraid or ashamed as i had to admit i needed help and i was not feeling like a winner in that moment )

I spoke with them and i got the message that the homeless shelter was full for the night and i would be put on the list…. ( Oooow my God after the terrors of taking that first step )
Then i decided not to give up as i have that warrior mentality and i slept under a bridge close by to protect myself from the rain and to be there early in the morning again.

When walking back to the homeless shelter i met a guy with a trift shop ( second hand store)
I got some fresh clothes and a volunteer job as step 1 to getting out of trouble was to get yourself a goal in life and surround yourself with people who are there where you want to be.

The next day i came back told them my story and that i was looking for a way to change my ways.
I showed them that i was really motivated to get out of the shit i had created over the years and that i just needed a chance.

A lot has happened since then!
I have been working online for 2.5 years now where it has been 1 crazy ride.
Where i can give you this message from the heart!!

Be carefull who you follow i wasted my first 18 months working online brainwashed by what i thought where great leaders who where training me with the best intentions…
The main reason we have created the E-learning platform is really simple.


I am #PtcPat from the Netherlands and i will guide you trough on how to grow a lot as a person and a marketeer.

This is the first time i am writing a course in my life so bear with me.

The first steps to succes!!

What can we expect to learn?
Heeey guys this lesson is about finding your fire. get to know yourself and what makes you tik
Finding your passion!
The focus of this lesson? Let's find your passion!! Just something i want to show : Finding your inner power will make you grow!!
Finding your why!!
Another little secret that will make you fly!! Is knowing yourself and knowing your why!! It does not matter if you are shy we will succeed together when you try!

Well i had updated with 6 chapters a FAQ and a quiz but my work has dissapeared.....Tried to upload what i had saved but %50 is gone.Hope it comes back..

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Who am i and where am i coming from #PtcPat Showing you how to find your FIRE!!!
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