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In this beginning trading course we are going to look at important factors that come into trading overal. These factors usually apply in other markets aswell.  Click on curriculum to get better oversight on the topics we are getting into.

If you are just starting to hear the buzz around Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, its because what used to be a subculture of hackers and tech savvy developers has finally starting breaking into the mainstream. Crypto is is becoming an unstoppable force of decentralization and innovation that is is similar to the days the internet first came about.

RIGHT NOW, you have the opportunity to capitalize on a volatile, exciting and extremely rewarding period in the technological growth of our society. Cryptocurrencies are here to stay and while the foundation has been laid, the ground floor is being laid out in front of our eyes and this course is going to teach you how to capitalize on every bit of it.

Our hope is that together, we can help you grow not only your understanding of Crypto, but your wallet as well. 🙂

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