Time to get yourself out there!! Build yourself up as a business and then the company you work with!

Yoooooo My fellow money makers great to see you found my second course!!
What can you expect to learn from this course?

How to get a free website.
How to get your own education hub where people can learn about you and your programs.
How to get noticed on Google.
How to get free traffic from Google Maps.

What and how to write.
How to setup your bussines page.

And the best thing my friends I SHOW HOW TO SET THIS UP FOR FREE!!!

The things you are going to learn in this course is not your basic skillset.
No worries if you do not understand how to do this.
We are here to assist you on how to set this up.

Branding Yourself!

Finding a name for your business!
Yoooo my fellow money makers this can be a tricky 1 for some. And a walk in the park for others. Choose something that fits you and what is easy to reconize. As having something catchy you are sure to stay in the head a lot easier then with a difficult name with stripes and weird letters Let's be creative ;)
Finding a logo that fits you. ( optional )
Yooooo my SOON TO BOOM Entrepreneurs!! Great to see you have taken the next step in blasting your online career TO THE MOON!!! I will try and make this as clear and understandable so that everybody can follow. Offcourse you can always leave a comment when not understanding or having tips or tricks for me or my students
Oke this is something different people might be offended by the things i write but i do not really care for that :) I just show the things and ways i have used to pay of my MASSIVE DEBT after being HOMELESS for many years. I have picked up my life and the brand i have created is going VIRAL in many countries. I want to thank this site owner for giving me the oppertunity to write courses and educate the masses
Let’s get started!! Setting up the free website
YOOOOO this movie is going to help you A LOT!!!! For those wanting to EXPLODE their marketing career here i have given the right handles to start FOR FREE. Offcourse i come from poverty myself so i am showing many things to PUSH YOURSELF FOR FREE. I will be writing paid courses later!! Lots of love #PtcPat
Give me that 5 star review!!
NO this is free and everybody can do this no matter where you are coming from or how experienced you are.
No you can place a lot of things on your website but Explicit things like curse words or dirty things will be taken down by google.
Offcourse you can watch the movie. Leave a comment on my Website / the comment section here / My Youtube / We are here to educate the masses
Yes but you will miss out on some free traffic you get from google maps ( your choice )
Tell people about your site and start updating it as activity will help people to understand you are not just a 1 day fly.

I do not really know what the announcement channel is for so let me just type a small portion.I will get you ready to be a lean properly seen money machine.The things i teach are free of cost as that is the way i started doing this also ;)I hope this movie has helped you to grow a lot as a person and an entrepreneurWhen having some good vibes feel free to note them down on my website!*** My Own google business page please put a 5 star review ***

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Time to get yourself out there!! Build yourself up as a business and then the company you work with!
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